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Pay-per-view and subscription purchasing is not currently available for this content. If this is an annual or seasonal event, purchasing will typically be re-activated a few weeks before the start of the next event or season. Please email Black Dog Enterprises if you have any questions.


Purchase options: $9.99 for 4.0 hours, $23.99 for three credits of 4 hours each, OR $29.99 for a 30-Day Pass

Purchases made here can be used to watch either live or pre-recorded games, but only for the league, team, or tournament associated with this page. To select between live and pre-recorded content, return to the "Watch Games" page, locate the appropriate league, team, or tournament, and choose the "Watch" or "On-Demand" buttons.

Single Game: 240 minutes (or one "game") of live or on-demand access time that starts as soon as you click "Sign In" and runs continuously until it has been spent. Your time cannot be paused and saved for later. Each game will take roughly 150 minutes to complete. The additional time is provided for games that start late or run long to ensure that you are able to watch your game in its entirety.

3-Pack: Three single-game credits of 4.0 hours each. A credit starts as soon as you click "Sign In" and runs continuously until it has been spent. Once a credit has expired, a new login will start a new credit. You can use different credits for different games -- live or on-demand.

30-Day Pass: gives you unlimited access to this league's Live and On-Demand Viewing Channels until August 31, 2017.