Ice Hockey: William Shukait

During the 2015-16 season, we were tasked with creating a dynamic, personalized recruiting DVD for William Shukait, a standout Midget 16AAA Ice Hockey goaltender for the San Jose Jr. Sharks. Using static glass-mounted GoPro footage of three games and and interview with the player, we were able to compile a fantastic piece of video that showcased his unique talents on film to help aid in his pursuit of a junior tender and/or collegiate scholarship.

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Ice Hockey: William Shukait


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We specialize in creating personalized Recruiting DVDs for individuals looking to advance to higher levels of competition. Compiled from isolated coverage of individual players during game action and/or private practice sessions, these dynamic DVDs showcase players' talents for junior and/or college recruiters. Different packages are available; each features a player profile, interview with the player & their coach, music & graphics. This page showcases some of our recently completed DVDs. Contact us today for a free quote or for ordering information from past events!